Willing Workers

Who Are Willing Workers….We are women and men of all ages who want to serve God and our church with gladness.  Any member of New First Missionary Baptist Church can join our group.

What We Do……We meet together once a month to discover ways to serve our church and think of ways to do fund raising to address a need we see the church has.  We also look for resources from the community to serve our church population (e.g. our involvement with DHEC to address health issues that is prevalent to our community, stroke, diabetes, breast cancer). Currently we are trying to raise money for an AED UNIT for our church.  This unit is a defibrillator that would be extremely valuable if anyone in the church had a heart attack (heaven forbid!). We also organize an annual walk in April of every year as a health benefit and fund raiser.

When Do We Meet…..We meet the third Sunday directly after church, usually in the dining area. 

Who Should Attend?.....Anyone who wants to join, wants to work, has good ideas and is willing to implement them.

Most Importantly……Support our church mission!!


The Ushers are the gatekeepers of the church, playing an important role in welcoming people to the service. The church usher keeps order in the sanctuary, keeps track of church attendance, distributes and collects bulletins, service programs and surveys, seat people during service and is the point of conduct for emergencies. The usher also collects tithes and offering during service. 


Music is an essential part of our ministry. The Psalms often refer to God’s people singing a “new song” or the “Lord’s song.” At New First Baptist, we emphasize the importance of music as an act of worship, bringing the Lord a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving each week as we gather in His presence. Our goal is to provide music that is vibrant, purpose-driven and focused, so that God’s people might be appropriately led in worship in the house of the Lord.

Church School

The church school is the greatest mission given to man to deliver God’s word through biblical principles and godly living at every age and stage of life.  Sunday school plants knowledge reaffirms belief, and establishes faith based on fact. Church school is an essential teaching strategy of the church.


Mission work is the greatest command of Christ and every Christian has a mission to make disciples. A missionary is commissioned to spread God’s word to all man. They are followers of Christ, sharing the message of His death and resurrection. Christians at home should be missionaries in their own communities, doing personal evangelism. Christian missionaries go in obedience to God’s call. A Christian missionary is an ambassador of Christ. Each one must be yielded to the Lord, loving Him with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength. Specifically, a missionary is one whom God sends through the support of the Church to the unreached. All Christians, however, are called to be missionaries of the Gospel. The Lord works through them to rescue the lost.