Deacon Chairman

Chairman Samuel Simmons

Deacon Samuel Simmons, Chairman of Deacons.
Originating from Edisto Island, Dea.Simmons moved to New York and married his high school sweetheart, Annie. They settled with their family and joined Greater Central Baptist Church. They were baptized together.  As his faith in Christ grew, he became more involved in the church. Becoming a member of the brotherhood ministry, a choir director, advisor to the youth ministry, Sunday school teacher and superintendent. Later in 1988 was ordained as a deacon and in 2011 served as the Vice Chairman of the deacon board.
After retiring and with much prayer, he along with his wife, relocated back to Edisto and joined the New First Missionary Baptist Church. He currently attends bible study, is a member of the male chorus and in June of 2016 became chairman of the deacon board.
Dea.Simmons has a passion for singing but loves the word of God. His favorite bible scripture is Psalms 34:1, "I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise shall continually be in my mouth".


Deacon Ministry


Deacons are the spiritual leaders of the Church under the direction of the Pastor.  They are servants of the congregation and are required to preserve the unity of spirit and bonds of love and peace among members of the congregation.  They should seek to establish and maintain spiritual relationships with all members.  Deacons should assist and cooperate with the pastor in all matters relating to the church and its members.  They should visit the sick, needy and distressed members of the congregation.  With the Pastor, the deacon board formulates plans for constant progress in saving souls and developing Christians, making recommendations in matters pertaining to the work and progress of the church business, offering spiritual and other concerns of the congregation.  Deacons are also responsible for assisting the Pastor in observance of church ordinances, conduct devotional meetings and attend prayer services, Bible study and Sunday school classes.